The Age of the Algorithm and Big Data

Our vision is that almost every industry is driven by either Data or Algorithms. There is an exponentially increasing volume of data and a big need for deeper insights into that data, which creates the need for new kinds of data mining algorithms. This means that new software should go beyond the current flashy dashboards, outdated reports and costly IT vendor platforms. Key to success is User driven, Data driven and Algorithm driven Software and Services that provide deeper insights directly available for end users and with significant cost and time reductions.

We are specialized in Data Science Methods and Data Mining Algorithms. Our goal is to be disruptive with a broad range of cutting edge software, services, methods and models to enhance the competitive advantage from Big Data. This goal will be achieved without changing entire IT infrastructures but by ‘just’ using the already available data in a smarter, more effective and more efficient way.

The ability to analyse data is now a critical element for any business decision, the absence of insight in data or the ability to make fact based decisions is disastrous for business operations. Data and Algorithm driven decisions assure a competitive advantage. There is no doubt that we have already entered the age of the algorithm.

Our unique Data Mining Algorithms are able to analyse the DNA of corporate systems and recognize patterns in the available data. Our real-time adaptive software is able to perform data-discovery, data-mining and predictive analytics. This creates new opportunities in e.g. finance, logistics and high-tech. A disruptive element to our software is that it is aimed at the end user and does not require IT specialists. Instead our software is operated by staff, management and executives responsible for decisions that rely on Big Data.